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How to get tiktok likes
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TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity in many countries, including Russia. The..
3 Сентября 2020
Итак, Вы решили выбрать лучший среди спортивных клубов в Киеве и получить..

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How to get tiktok likes

TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity in many countries, including Russia. The number of installations has exceeded 2 billion. More than 1 billion people use the app every day.

While many are skeptical about TikTok, the numbers speak for themselves. And now is the time to go there for the audience, because in 2021 the popularity of the application will only grow. Judge for yourself - while there is very low competition in TikTok and you can get free coverage of posts from the social network, there is a built-in editor with a lot of effects and filters, and there are many ideas for videos. If competitors do not seize the initiative, then the TikTok application will not lose its relevance for a long time. How to get tiktok likes

Setting up and registering an account
To configure a profile, click on the "Change profile" button. Here we put an avatar, come up with a nickname and username. Keep in mind that your nickname can only be changed once every 30 days. Here you can add a short description and links to your Instagram and Youtube accounts. The process of setting up a profile is almost like on Instagram, nothing complicated. It is also better to switch to a Pro account, which allows you to select a profile category, run ads, and view statistics. It is suitable for those who want to make money in Tik-Tok. To switch to Pro, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, then "My account", "Switch to Pro-account".

Filling content
TikTok users are young people over the age of 13. They post amateur videos, flash mobs, reactions, challenges, sketches, dances, miniseries and more. First of all, the content should be of interest to such a circle of users

Videos should be funny, original and memorable. Documentaries, educational content, boring lectures, and stuff like that won't come in. Don't forget about the quality of the shooting. A fuzzy picture, noise in the background is not what Tik-Tok users want to see. Remember about prohibited content - you cannot post harmful, dangerous and shocking content, scenes of violence, nudity and pornography, content that sows hostility or violates intellectual property rights, content that infringes on children's rights, spam, and so on. These are the standard rules for all social networks.

How often do I upload videos? Ideally 1-2 times a day. When publishing, you can write a description for the video and add hashtags there. The video itself can be diluted with effects, stickers, add text.

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